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 President's Message

Dear Friends,

Prior to starting this company , I worked as a consultant in Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Medical & Health Care, Credit Card, Healthcare Insurance, Sales and Marketing organizations. During that time I found lasting appreciation for the importance of SAS and Clinical research practices followed in the industry. From that time my aim was to make QPDC one of the leading companies, which provides consulting and product development services around the world. As the requests of my assistance were increasing, I realized the need for knowledgeable experts required to support the systems.

Qtech-Sol Professional Development Center LLC (QPDC) was formed to help people in career advancement in SAS data management and clinical science. The QPDC offers today various professional training programs, which are supported by the advisory committee from U.S.A. and India. Most of our advisors have experience working at various MNC companies around the world. With their support and encouragement , QPDC works with its clients primarily being individuals, students, and professionals working at various corporate. The outcome of my dedicated service since 2000 to the organization is the current QPDC. We are currently established as Private Vocational School with its locations in New Jersey and India.

I am proud that QPDC has grown over the past years, which has led our peer group and encouraged long-term relationships with our clients. Qtech-Sol as a elearning training solutions provider, will continually help its clients to meet their training AND technology requirements. I am really glad of the level of service and support we provide. Our vision is to continue to "raise the bar" for our firm to provide best-in-class services to our Clients.

Thank you

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