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 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Qtech training program for everyone?
  2. No. Prior to starting our program, each trainee needs to be screened and interviewed. The education background is required. Qtech is for individuals who want to develop new set of skills, gain additional experience, or desire career transition.

  3. How different is training at Qtech from other training providers?
  4. The essence of our professional job oriented programs is gaining experience and working on real time scenario projects. We do not provide any curriculum based training, thus certain education background is required. Qtech provides training based on industry requirements and job qualifications. After completing our training you are not only certified, but also have experience you were missing and you are already qualified for entry/mid level positions.

  5. How long is the training?
  6. The length of the training depends on the candidate's qualifications and previous experience. The training takes from 45 days to 90 days and depends on type and advance level of the training.

  7. What should I do if I fail the final exam?
  8. Minimum of 75% score is required to pass the final test and receive the Certificate of Completion. If you fail, you should contact us immediately at and 2nd attempt will be provided within next 7 days.​

  9. I currently work full time and have very limited time during the week. How can I complete your training program?
  10. Most of our trainees are full time students or employees. The relocation is not required for successfully program completion. You have 24/7 access to the material.

  11. How much time I have to spend daily to complete assigned projects?
  12. We recommend minimum 2 hours a day.

  13. I do not have money to pay for the training. Do you provide financial aid?
  14. Yes. Qtech are approved. Please approach one of your closes one stop center.

  15. I am international student currently on F1 visa. Can you support me in obtaining work authorization?
  16. Yes. Qtech is E-verified and an Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) provider. We support our international students working with Qtech on CPT and OPT status.

  17. Do you sponsor for H1B visa?
  18. Yes. However, we need first to evaluate your eligibility. There are two factors we consider: (1) preselection prior to the training start - interview is required; (2) training performance - final training performance evaluation is required.

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