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  1. "The DSA program was quite straightforward and dedicated to teaching industry standards. The DSA course has reinforced and enhanced my understanding in this exciting and growing field. I recommend the Drug Safety Associate training program for someone wishing to further enhance their understanding in the Clinical Sciences."
  2. Paul Anderson.   11/2016
    Training: Drug Safety Associate / Advanced Drug Safety Associate

  3. "I highly recommend the CRA training course with Qtech Solutions, Inc. It covers various areas of knowledge needed to succeed as a CRA within the industry. Prior to completing the training course, I had limited knowledge and experience within the clinical research field. After completing the course, it expanded my knowledge of the CRA role and helped me talk more confidently during my interviews. Within six months of completing the program, I was offered a position with one of the top CROs within the industry. Thanks, Qtech!"
  4. Keisha Felix.   05/2016
    Training: Clinical Research Associate

  5. "The level and nature of participation was simply exceptional, concrete exercise, excellent analysis and feedback.The work assigned to interns are valuable and very useful. This CRA training is a value addition program, and helps me to face the global opportunities."
  6. Sangeetha Thangarajan.   04/2016
    Training: Clinical Research Associate

  7. "I am a Medical Science graduate. This Certificate training helped me to understand the Job related work process better. The Drug Safety Associate training program offered at qtech is very useful for beginners, I liked it and highly recommend others. Currently I am enrolled into Internship program to meet my career goals "
  8. Latha Thanati.   04/2016
    Training: Drug Safety Associate

  9. "I attended DSA and Advanced DSA training programs. The program provides students a wide range of topics related to drug safety and pharmacovigilance, but also provides us with hands on experience working as a drug safety associate."
  10. Xin Y., NJ
    Training: Drug Safety Associate and Advanced Drug Safety Associate Training

  11. "The program gave me an in-depth understanding of the role of a DSA in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance department. With the practical examples and lectures from professionals I gained a clear understanding about the practical applications needed for work. Very good course work!"
  12. Ramya I., NJ
    Training: Drug Safety Associate Training

  13. "Qtech Solutions Inc. has provided me with the education needed to work as a Clinical Research Associate. The program was extremely helpful and the instructions were very knowledgeable."
  14. Maureen D., NJ
    Training: Clinical Research Associate Training

  15. "The training helped me enhance my skills. The training was given in a very well planned, organized and professional manner."
  16. Neepa Y., NJ
    Training: Drug Safety Associate and Advanced Drug Safety Associate Training

  17. "With Qtech-Sol, I learned what is Drug Safety for pharma drug development, handling and regulations. This program gave me a foundation for further pursuing drug safety job. Thank you very much."
  18. Lily W.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate and Advanced Drug Safety Associate Training

  19. "One of the best study materials and job oriented training!"
  20. Ammar B.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate and Advanced Drug Safety Associate Training

  21. "Qtech DSA training is designed in such a way that besides providing insight into industry-based knowledge, it trains you professionally so that once you are hired by the company you know what has to be done. It has benefited me in two ways: I got very good technical training and I got placed in Eisai Pharmaceuticals."
  22. Jigna P.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate Training

  23. "Innovatively designed Qtech DSA training module and exposure to real time documentation practices pertaining to DSA role helped me find an entry level job at AztraZeneca. I appreciate all assistance provided by Qtech technical and marketing staff."
  24. Lam N.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate Training

  25. "I would like to take this opportunity for being delighted with my achievements. I am expressing my sincere gratitude to Qtech's placement division for helping me in getting my job as CRA. I have been successfully working as Senior CRA with Purdue Pharmaceuticals."
  26. Krish R.
    Training: Clinical Research Associate Training

  27. "I pursued my Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and had undergone Qtechs DSA training which successfully landed me an opportunity of working with Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. All thanks go to well-designed training materials and technical assistance Qtech provided throughout the training period."
  28. Chintan P.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate Training

  29. "I started my career as health care professional with foreign medical degree. Qtech helped me explore and initiate my career in Drug Safety field. I am successfully working with Johnson & Johnson. Thanks Qtech!"
  30. Venkat N.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate Training

  31. "Qtech Training program benefited me in improving my technical skills in reference to DSA responsibilities, with opportunities to work on live projects. I am really enjoying working with Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals as Medical record extractor. Thank you for all your support, Qtech!"
  32. Namrata C.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate Training

  33. "I initiated my career with Qtech as Drug Safety Associate and am currently working as Medical Reviewer at Pfizer. Thank you for the support given by Qtech in my career development."
  34. Dr. Harikrishna L.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate Training

  35. "I found the DSA course to be helpful and educational. The instructors were well educated on all topics surrounding this training. The materials which were supplied to us will be a great future source in our position."
  36. Donna T.
    Training: Drug Safety Associate Training

  37. "What I like most about Qtech is having a freedom to set my goals and work towards them. Ideas are always welcomed and innovation is encouraged. I explored the Healthcare Industry field since I got placed by Qtech as Healthcare Business Analyst. Currently I am working with my second project with New York State Health Department and I am thankful to Qtech!"
  38. Pratyax P.
    Training: Healthcare Business Analysis

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