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 Analytics and Reporting(SAS)

Data analytics is used in many industries to help companies to make better business decisions. In respect to the science field, it also allows to verify or disprove existing models and theories.

SAS is one of integrated system of software solutions that support: (1) data entry, retrieval, and management, (2) report writing and graphics design, (3) statistical and mathematical analysis, (4) business forecasting and decision support, (5) operations research and project management, and (6) applications development.

If you are interested in working as SAS programmer, there are plenty of career choices that you may consider. You may work as SAS programmer in varies industries including clinical, healthcare and financial.

The QPDC provides SAS modules and functional SAS training

SAS Modules training - This is first step toward SAS programming. Develop your SAS skills and understand how to use software from data entry to applications development. Gain capabilities of SAS software product, practice methods of running SAS and outlines various types of output. This course covers: SAS Base, SAS Macros, SAS SQL, SAS Graph, and SAS Stat.

Functional SAS - Once you gained SAS skills, you must understand requirements of the specific industry and gain exposure to some real time projects. QPDC helps you to practice converting your SAS skills into business needs of particular domain.


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