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The Clinical Data Oriented Training (CDOT) provides intensive learning on how SAS is used in clinical and pharmaceutical industries. In particular, how codes, analysis and reports are generated using SAS. The CDOT program emphasizes on real time practice by providing variety of cases with given data, and instructions how data should be used and what parameters should be analyzed in order to successfully complete assigned real time scenario projects.

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Admission Requirements   Recommended: minimum a Bachelor degree in Statistics, Bio-statistics, Biotechnology, Economics, Clinical Research with IT, Computer Science, Engineering, or Applied Mathematics.
SAS Certification or certified in QPDC's SAS Modules training
Access to: SAS Software (Version 9.X or above) and Windows Microsoft Suite.
Curriculum Overview The CDOT course is designed for individuals who are either SAS Certified or have advanced skills in SAS software functionality. This program is mostly recommended for experienced SAS programmers who are interested in career advancement on clinical field. The course builds upon the concepts presented in the SAS Modules course. Emphasis is placed on how SAS is used in clinical and pharmaceutical industry. The course comprises SAS Business and SAS Projects (Therapeutic Based Projects and Prototype Clinical Data). To ensure the candidates gain practical knowledge and hands on skills in clinical data analysis and reporting in the industry, the teaching/learning and projects will be related to the clinical trials from phase I to phase IV. This includes variety therapeutic areas, such as oncology, ophthalmology, cardiology and central nervous system. Related data analysis and reporting follow each phase of clinical trials.
Teaching Methodology Available as self paced training (PIP, pure internet program)
Course Reading Material (PowerPoint presentations and Exercises and Final exam)
Duration 45 days
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