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About Qtech  Qtech-Sol's training Division Qtech-Sol Professional Development Center LLC (QPDC) is a Professional Training Provider and its Clinical Science programs are approved by New Jersey Department of Education and Workforce Development.We as well provide Training and Learning practices to corporate and professionals in the field. We expertise in hiring and training candidates for Job towards Clinical Science (CRA, DSA, CDM) Healthcare Business Analyst and Clinical SAS programming areas. Our professionals bring their scientific, regulatory and information management expertise to bear for the completion of timely, accurate, cost-effective trials and even controlling costs and reducing the research and development timelines. We develop products to proceed more efficiently, and maximize time and profit benefits for patent-protected products. Our prime delivery is focused to bring down cost and increase productivity as returns of investment made. Qtech Information Technology team provide services to streamline the business process and compromises of Physicians, Pharmacy, Researcher Scholars and IT Architects and programmers in support, to improve the quality of information available. Our Post Training Assistance program helps students to find Jobs through our client partners in support.
Client Setting Programs Offered and Duration We provide custom Job Oriented Training to students and our Program is designed by industry experts for Fresh from School students. This Program provides in depth knowledge of roles and responsibilities to meet job duties at various Pharmaceutical and Research Organizations. Interested Student must enroll into the program for participation. Recent graduate students who have completed their graduation (past 12 months) or Currently pursuing their graduation are eligible for this Training.
Proof of eligibility must be submitted when requested
The following are various Client Setting programs offered to Students.
The Duration of each program is 30 days (80 Hours).
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRAT Program)
  • Drug Safety Associate (DSAT Program)
  • Clinical Data Management (CDMT Program)
  • Clinical SAS Programmer (CDOT Program)
  • Healthcare Business Analyst (HBAT Program)
Delivery Process This Training program is ONLINE. Each student will be provided access to online Learning Material. The Student must spend min 3 hours/day (Mon thru Fri). During this period, they will attend scheduled WEBEX classes and will submit the exercise questions by lesson for evaluation using our Online Learning Management System. All Questions and Queries during the Training program will be addressed via email. This is a Home-Based Distance Learning program. Project Assignments will be provided for delivery.
  and Material
At the end of the Training program student will take a Scenario Based Objective Online Exam to get course completion certificate. Final Certificate Exam fee applies. The Student must secure minimum 75% score in final exam. The Student can purchase reading material book for their future reference. Our Clinical Science programs are approved by NJ Department of Education and Workforce Development.
Post Training
  Assistance Program
Below are details for your next steps after Training.
1)Training - Student must pass in final exam with Score (Min 75% and Above).
2)Post Training Program: We assist on resume preparation, Narrative writing and conduct mock interview to jump start for Jobs.
Learning Objectives The learning objectives include:
  • Skill development: learning and improving skills such as writing, verbal communication, research, organizational, computer, interpersonal, teamwork, presentation, and leadership.
  • Gaining practical knowledge: understanding how to apply theory into practice, which includes working on real time scenario projects and preparing for roles and responsibilities performed in the work environment.
  • Career Awareness: preparing for the interview, learning about career opportunities, and getting assistance in job placement.
  • Personal Development: working on projects and assignments and developing self-confidence.
  • QPDC Terms and Conditions Apply for participation into this Training program and QPDC reserves the right for admission and determines the eligibility of student for participation. assertiveness, and basic work habits
Terms and Conditions QPDC Terms and Conditions Apply for participation into this Training program and QPDC reserves the right for admission and determines the eligibility for participation.
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