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Qtech-Sol provides wide-spread programs for fresh students who are currently with university pursuing their bachelors / Masters or PhD programs. Student can opt for programs in clinical research, Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Data Management, Clinical SAS Programming and Healthcare Business Analyst programs. All programs offered are Job-Oriented programs, emphasizing on real-time practices followed and comes with various stimulated case examples applied in industry to gain experience. Our post training assistance programs helps freshers to work on their resumes, prepare narrative and take mocks session. These session allows the student to be prepared to work right away. We assist the right candidate for jobs search with our clients. Qtech is equal opportunity employer, we hire and sponsor work-permit to international students and is E-verified with Immigration (USCIS).

Below are various program models offered. See program highlights for more information

                                UAP - UNIVERSITY ALLIANCE PROGRAMS

                        Self-Paced Online - Student Career Pathway Programs






                   CPP - CAREER PATHWAY PROGRAM



Training Engagement Process

Delivery Model

Courses Offered

Program Highlights

Admission Requirements   Education Requirements
Clinical Research Associate
Recommended: Bachelors / Master’s Degree in : Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Clinical Research, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public health, Pharmacology, or toxicology, Microbiology, Psychology and Sociology.
Drug Safety Associate / Pharmacovigilance
Recommended:Bachelors / Master’s Degree in : Medicine, Nursing (RN), PharmD, Pharmacy, Public Health, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry. Clinical Research Data Management
Recommended: Bachelors / Master’s Degree in : Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Medical Device & Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology (IT).
Clinical SAS Programming
Recommended: Bachelors / Master’s Degree in : Biostatistics, Statistics, Biotechnology, Economics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Engineering (IT).

Healthcare Business Analyst
Recommended: Bachelors / Master’s Degree in : MBA program in Healthcare management, Pharmaceutical sciences, Public health, Computer Science and Information Technology.
For Other Admissions Details, please email us your resume and contact us.
Program Features Customized Online Learning’s Management System (LMS).
Lesson Presentations with Voice Over explanation.
Reading Material of Lessons.
Quiz for Practice
Quiz as Test
Short Questions (descriptive)
Real-Time Job based Exercise (Case Studies) with Solutions.
Discussions with Professional (Information Sharing Session)
Final Objective / Scenario Based Examination (Certification)
Post Training Assistance Support towards Resume Preparation, Narrative Forms, Mock Sessions, Leads for Job Search (full-time), Interview preparation for Contractual Jobs.
Qtech-Sol is Equal Opportunity Employer.
Internships, In-House and Client based contractual Jobs
Teaching Methodology Available as self-paced Online training
Career Opportunity Pathways MULTIPLE JOB TITLES based on Level of Learnings gained. Please contact us for more details on jobs and titles you can apply after this Job-Oriented Training Program.
Duration VDP –Vocational Domain Program – 150 Days (570 Hours)
CPP - Career Pathway Programs – 90 Days (350 Hours)
CTP - Certificate Training Program – 30 Days (120 Hours)
STU - Student Introductory Program – 15 Days ( 45 Hours)
Program Details and Curriculum Please contact us for program details.
VDP – Vocational Domain Program – Basic, Advanced and Additional learnings
CPP -Career Pathway Programs – Basic and Advanced learnings
CTP - Certificate Training Program – Basic Learnings
STU - Student Introductory Program – Introductory FREE programs
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