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 Clinical Science

Combined principles of
medicine, chemistry, biology
and experimental science

The clinical science is an area that evaluates and investigates medical treatments, principles and methods, using classically designed studies under controlled conditions.

If you are looking for the career advancement in clinical science, you are directing toward combined principles of medicine, chemistry, biology and experimental science. With the clinical science educational background you may pursue a variety of career options. Clinical research, drug development or clinical data management are only some of them.

The QPDC offers clinical science training programs in respect to:
  • Clinical research (Training: CRA, Advanced CRA, CRM)
  • Drug development (Training: DSA, Advanced DSA)
  • Clinical data management (Training: CDM)

Clinical research is rapidly expanding field, creating exciting opportunities for trained professionals. Graduates of this program are employed in both the hospital sector and research industries, and can advance to management roles. The clinical trials are generally considered to be biomedical or health-related research studies in human begins that follow a pre-defined protocol. Most clinical research involves the testing of a new drug progresses in an orderly series of steps, called phases. This allows researchers to ask and answer questions in a way that results in reliable information about the drug and protects the patients.

Drug safety associates play a vital role in providing safe medicines for human or animal consumption. The job profile of a drug safety associate includes providing support to drug safety and medical monitoring initiatives including responsibility of preparing adverse events and serious-adverse events reports. The drug safety associate also handles task of processing the reports by following the drug safety regulations and policies.

Clinical data management is a key business process in drug discovery lifecycle. CDM refers to management of data capture and data flow process in conduct of a clinical trial. It begins with design of data capture instruments and data collection continues with data QC procedures and ends with database finalization. Effective CDM ensures drastic reduction in time, from development to market, for all phases of clinical research. It is a technology driven process that manage clinical data to produce a high quality, clean and analyzable database.



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